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Magic Industry Empire Read Online

Magic Industry Empire summary: A prestigious senior mechanical engineer in the industry, Xu Yi was sent to a world dominated by magic.
In a world with an almost non-existent industrial system, how can Xu Yi display his value?
When magic collides with modern technology, when magic merges with machinery, that is the beginning of this story.

Martial God Asura Read Online

Martial God Asura summary: Martial G.o.d Asura is an online novel published on Novel Online Full. The story is a mixture of ten different genres such as action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and martial arts among others. There are many interesting events in this book, and it can be suitable for readers of different tastes, thanks to this useful genre combination. Martial G.o.d Asura is a popular novel considering some counterparts. It has received thousands of mostly positive votes, comments, and reviews. That’s why the rating is also very high if not completely excellent. This story is suitable for readers who prefer long novels because it contains over 3400 chapters. That means you have a lot of content to read, and the new updates are about to come as well. So the readers have an opportunity to read this book in the long time frame.
Chu Feng is the main character in this story, and he belongs to the Chu Family. They are located in the Azure Province, which is a part of the Continent of Nine Provinces. Chu was, however, adopted as a little kid, and that’s why he was not really accepted as a full-fledged member of the family. This opens a s.p.a.ce for other family members to hara.s.s and a.s.sault him regularly. Only several members treat him decently, while others do not do that. He is, for example, kindly treated by his adoptive brother named Chu Guyu and his adoptive cousin Chu Yue.
Chu Feng started studying in the Azure Dragon School at age 10. And that’s the moment when many of his adventures begin. He starts to travel in different parts of the world, meet different cultures, and discover various secrets.
However, this path is not going to be easy for him. It just seems like a great opportunity at the start, however, many problems are about to arise so he will face different problems and dangers. Some of these might even lead to his own personal tragedy as well as to endless struggling and fighting.

On the other hand, Chu is a strong man, and that’s obvious from the start. You just have to look at him and his body figure explains everything. He is almost two meters tall and has a long black hair. He is often equipped with sword and other pieces of armor His enemies do not have an easy task when they try to compete against him, so the readers have an opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure while reading this Martial G.o.d Asura.
Also, Chu has an opportunity to advance in ranks during his traveling and fighting. He already achieved a serious success, so there is no reason to stop now. And this is an ongoing story with new updates ready to come soon.
The entire book should be available to members of The Light Novel, so you should go there if you want to read the story. Of course, you will need to access your account in order to get the content. If you do not have one, you can easily register on the website just by writing a a few basic personal details about yourself. The membership is free, and that’s a real opportunity for many people.


Against the Gods Read Online

Against the Gods summary:

Against the G.o.ds is an exciting book of mixed genres. It is a combination of action, comedy, fantasy, adventure, martial arts, romance, and other genres, so there is something interesting for many readers. All prefer at least one of these genres, so this book is potentially suitable for them. Against the G.o.ds is published on NovelOnlineFull, and you can find other interesting details on the subject and content there. Thats something you should definitely do. The book is available to registered users, but anyone can make an account on the website. 

  It is free and simple, so it should not take more than a minute from you. Against the G.o.ds is a very popular novel on the website. It has gained over one thousand positive votes and maintained a very high rating thanks to that fact. The book is quite large, so you can read more than 1300 chapters. It receives frequent updates, so it is not finished yet. The ongoing status makes it clear, the final plot is yet about to come. If you love long books with mixed genres, you should consider this one too, especially if you are a member of the website. 
  The main plot surrounds a young boy who possesses different kinds of fortune and treasuries. He is completely alone, and thats why he becomes the target of criminals and evil people. They believe the boy is an easy pray, so they can become rich after they take his own fortune. But the kid is not as naive as they think, and he is ready to defend himself and his treasuries. He always jumps off and prevents any type of attack or theft. 
  The criminals are often surprised by his sudden brave actions, so they are forced to return back and stop their own evil plans. Thats how this young boy hast kept protecting his fortune. New evil people will come again, but they will not succeed to achieve what they planed. So the treasuries stay the boys possession in the long run. There is one secret when it comes to the boys strength and skills. He started learning some secret martial arts when he was a baby. Yun Gu was his master, and they performed different types of training. The boy is still little, but he is fully and intentionally prepared to defend himself from any type of attack. 
  Thats why no one can steal his fortune, and he can compete and defeat even mature warriors without too many problems. The boy is also completely capable to protect people around him too, thanks to these abilities he has. And different twists and turns will force him to do that that often during the story. 
  Against the G.o.ds is written by Mars Gravity, who is also an author of some other books and texts. If you love exciting stories, you should certainly check Against the G.o.ds. Different events and happenings can scare and surprise, so there are all the preconditions to enjoy every moment while reading this book. 


Life, Once Again! Read Online

Life, Once Again! summary: Sometimes, as we go about with our lives, we all happen to think of one specific thought at least once.
What if… I could go back to “that” time?
The funny thing is, the moment you think such a thought is the precise moment when you came back to the past, from the future.
“One more time.”
Life, once again.

Dragonborn Saga Read Online

Dragonborn Saga summary: Meet Jon Dare, your everydays 25 years old whose life changes (ends) when he played the latest installment of Skyrim, TESV Skyrim FDVR. He overloaded his game with all the mods he could fit together to the point of his brain getting fried. When he opened his eyes, he was in Honorhall Orphanage in the city of Riften. He was reincarnated in his favorite game 19 years before the start of the game’s events. Armed with future lore knowledge; full potential in Magic, Combat and Voice; Overpowered Parents and a Cat; the Nord kid will set out from Riften to find himself becoming a Hero way before the start of the game events.

Immortal Path to Heaven:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/24.html

Immortal Path to Heaven summary: “Master Ouyang, please smith a divine weapon for me!”
“Master Ouyang, you’re the only person who can forge a weapon with seven attributes. Please make my dream come true!”
“Master Ouyang, could you…”
“Ouyang my *ss! My surname is Ou!”
Ou Yangming was an orphan who was adopted by a reputable old blacksmith from a military camp. After working as a helper under the old man for years, he was given a chance to acquire the Military Fire—a trait allowing him to smith and restore equipment with the Military Fire produced from his hands.
Gifted with mental power, Ou Yangming controlled his Military Fire unusually well and was also strangely talented in martial arts. On top of it, he could also attach Unique Attributes into weapons with a hundred-percent success rate. Those who belittled Ou Yangming because of his background and age eventually honored him so much that they would do anything to get their hands on his equipment.
Little did Ou Yangming know that as he slowly unfolded the mysteries of the Military Fire and his mental power, he was advancing step by step on the immortal path to Heaven!

The Oracle Paths:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/18.html

The Oracle Paths summary: Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware at any time how every choice, action and decision of yours affects your future?
Thats what happened to Jake Wilderth, a procrastinating young man without ambition. When a mysterious silver s.p.a.ceship, popping out from nowhere, delivered to each Earthling a bracelet containing an AI introducing itself as the Oracle, their destiny changed.
From a boring uneventful life Jake began to strive for greatness, treading his Path over the dead bodies of many.
What a blessing it would have been if he was the only one profiting of such a gift! But when everyone became equal to face the future, he soon realized no gift comes for free..
Just a warning. Volume 1 sets the atmosphere in a Earth slowly degenerating into chaos and can be considered as a big prologue. It is slow and not as rewarding for the readers than mainstream stories on this website. If you can push through it will be worth it. For some real action you need to wait chap 27.

My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/12.html

My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss summary: “Didn’t you want me to be with you when you bought me? I’m willing to do it!” said the cold business tyc.o.o.n. He was unrivalled when he behaved like a bully.
“You&h.e.l.lip; You liar!” She was p.i.s.sed. He set up this trap and lured her into it. Now, he blamed her.
She could not tolerate it anymore. She wanted a divorce.
“Fine.” Spoiling a wife had no limits. He accommodated her whims. “The corporation belongs to you; The house belongs to you; The car belongs to you; I belong to you.”
Who is Ye Lanchen? An unbeatable business tyc.o.o.n.
Who is Ye Lanchen? An unpredictable, distant overlord.
Who is Ye Lanchen? A devil who spoils his wife to the core.

My Dangerous Billionaire Husband:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/11.html

My Dangerous Billionaire Husband summary: Trying to drown her sorrow with alcohol after her boyfriend hooked up with her sister, Ning Qing ran into the rich and powerful Lu Shaoming in a bar. “I need a wife,” Lu said, and the two got their marriage license.
Soon, she who became a pop star won many pretty boys’ hearts. Singlehandedly, he got rid of all her potential flings and acted innocent. Ning Qing bristled, “Lu Shaoming, what happened to staying out of each other’s private life which we talked about?” Turning the light out, he came over her and whispered, “Now our priority is to make a baby.”

My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/2.html

My Wife Slaps People in the Face Online Daily summary: Young Master Lu says, “My wife knows nothing at all and has a bad temper. You’d better not bully her.” Gu Mang watches silently as this man warns everyone who comes his way.
Young Master Lu says, “Read properly. How can you remember anything if you flip the pages so quickly?” Gu Mang takes up another book and reads it speedily.
Young Master Lu complains, “What should I do when my babe hates studying?” What else can he do other than dote on her?
Until one day&h.e.l.lip;
“Young Master, numerous universities in the capital and even top universities overseas are fighting to get Madam to enroll!”
“Young Master, many TCM research centers are getting into deadly squabbles over hiring Madam.” “Young Master, a legion of huge international law firms want to employ

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/1.html

Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy’s Infinite Pampering summary: On the night of her coming-of-age ceremony, Nan Zhi is lured into a trap by the people closest to her and falls pregnant.
Four years later, she returns with her son.
A respected and domineering man suddenly barges into her world.
“Speak! Who is the child’s father?”
An adorable child holding a water gun appears out of nowhere, shouting, “Who is this wild man? How dare he s.n.a.t.c.h Brother Jie’s G.o.ddess?!”
From then on, two small domineering brats and a manchild are added to her world.
In the middle of the night, he sneaks into her room, pressing a heated kiss onto her lips.
“Woman, do you know what’s the result of stealing my seed?”
“From now on, you have to let me kiss and pamper you everyday.”
Erm&h.e.l.lip; How was her inability to walk the next day, the result of his pampering?

Legend of Legends:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/715.html

Legend of Legends summary: The world was. .h.i.t by an abnormal narcolepsy, and there was a ma.s.s coma. Lee-joonhyuk was transferred to a dimensional battle field as he fell into an abnormal narcoleptic sleep. This is the story of him as he starts as a minion.

The King of The Worlds:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/162.html

The King of The Worlds summary: This is a world where a king is the most powerful.
Being a king make you can travel through the world and choose the strongest people in the sub-worlds as retinues
As long as countries are established in different dimension s.p.a.ces, they can integrate their resources, land, civilization, and cultivation system into their own king’s world to expand their territories and accelerate the process of civilization.
Qin Yi soon discovered that these dimensions were familiars to him from his previous life.
in Naruto s world, the integration of ninja civilization, the whole people are ninja. into bleach world, conquer the world, expand the world map let the world evolve into a shinigami civilization.
Is this just finished? No, everything is just beginning!
Dragon Ball, journey to the west, Marvels, Pirates, all the sub-worlds, is the nourishment of the King’s world civilization!
The first subject he met was Gandalf
The first world is Naruto’s.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/156.html

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos summary: Vahn was an atypical youth. Due to a rare mutation, his blood had the potential to target and attack ailments within the human body. Touted as a universal cure, people had elevated his status above the norm and given him the cla.s.sification Panacea. In the media, he was hailed as a great hero who would usher in a new era or human wellness. However, behind the scenes things werent so bright. Being a unique individual, Vahn spent his entire youth locked up in a lab with various scientists and research teams using his body and blood to perform endless amounts of experiments. The only solace in his suffering was the various anime and manga made available to him between experiments. He often imagined himself as the protagonist in a world of his own, finally in control of his own destiny. For years he nurtured this desire, until at the age of 14 he died when an organization had tried to kidnap him from the lab...
Finally, I dont have to suffer anymore...
This was Vahns last thought as he faded into the endless black abyss...
You poor soul..

The Long-awaited Mr Han:http://www.webnovel.cc/book/146.html

The Long-awaited Mr Han summary: “Take me in, I’ll do anything you want me to!” 
In her previous life, Lu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step-sister and an a.s.shole. After being released from prison, the only thing that greets her is her mother’s tombstone. Seeing the a.s.shole and b.i.t.c.h getting happily along together like one big family with her birth father and step-mother, she sets out to die together with the a.s.shole and her step-sister in fiery flames. 
The moment she opens her eyes again, she finds herself back on the very day she was framed. Resolutely jumping out the window and climbing next door, she seeks refuge from the man occupying the room there. But who would have guessed that the man is the brilliant hunk she has always admired from afar in her past life? 
She vows to rub her eyes clean and be more discerning of people. She wants to make everyone who owed her in the past to pay her back! 
“Young Master Han, can you let me hug your other arm too?”
“Actually, I have one more, do you want it?”